The Chancel

lancet window, north side

This has two thirteenth century lancet windows on each side.

The east window is perpendicular and is of the same date as the nave windows although there are traces of earlier windows.



There is a piscina on the south side, this, as is normal, has a drain down which is poured the water at the lavabo or washing of the priest's fingers before the canon of the mass begins. There is another opening on the east side of the piscina, this may be a stone seat, but, if so, its position east of the piscina is most unusual.

The south window has been lowered to form a low-side opening in connection with the ringing of the Sanctus bell.





On the north side is the priest's door which is of brick and dates from the Tudor period.



ledger stone with coat of arms



The best monument in the church is in the floor of the sanctuary. It is a ledger stone with a fine coat of arms, dated 1708.






The Organorgan

The organ is on the south side of the chancel. It is a small chamber organ, constructed by Mark Noble (Senior) of Norwich. It has one manual and 1.5 octaves of pull down pedals. From a detailed survey carried out in 1998, the date of construction is estimated to be 1840. The survey comments, 'it is a quite lovely instrument with an enchanting sound enhanced by the excellent acoustics of the church'.

organ pump handle


The organ, which was originally hand pumped, was fitted with an electric blower in 2001. This followed soon after the installation of electricity and water supplies to the church in 1999.





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