The Porch

church porch




The brick and flint porch has a stoup for holy water to the right of the fourteenth century door.




Door carving face with mitreDoor carving face with crown



The heads on either side of the fourteenth century north doorway are unusual in that they look at one another instead of looking outwards. One wears a crown the other a mitre. 




Graffiti, building with spire


On the doorway are some ancient votive crosses and some scratches known as grafitti. The building with a spire probably represents Norwich Cathedral.





The Tower






The knapped flint tower with stone corners is fourteenth century. The belfry windows are of brick and the battlements were added in the Tudor period. The west window of the tower is typical of the fourteenth century.





Gargoyles on church tower

There are two gargoyles on the west side.

The tower originally held three bells which bore the following inscriptions:

  1. Anno Domini 1591 W.B.
  2. Anno Domini 1592 W.B.
  3. X Ave Maria

Numbers 1 and 2 were cast by William Brend. Unfortunately thieves stole numbers 1 and 3 in 1969. Number 2 was fitted with a striker mechanism in 1971.


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