How are we proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom?

What are the good things we are already doing?

  • Offer a warm welcome at every service – ensure there is a welcome team
  • Special services
  • Offer hospitality after services

What else is God wanting for us?

  • Include more people from the fringe
  • Review each special service to evaluate impact and seek improvements for future services
  • ‘Nurture’ contact with those baptised at church
  • Be aware of opportunities to promote confirmation
  • Improve visitors’ experience of church

What can we do this year?

  • Do more promotion for Mothering Sunday Service to encourage families to come
  • Hold Family Service every month and ensure it is family-orientated.
  • Continue to follow up baptisms with cards on anniversary
  • Continue to improve links with Parish Council, invite them to meet in church and PCC member to attend meetings
  • Arrange community  events with Parish Council involvement

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