How best can we respond to human need by loving service? How do we safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth? How should we seek to transform the unjust structures of society?

What are the good things we are already doing?

  • Support isolated and elderly on regular basis
  • Support the bereaved and organise Remembrance Service (Pastoral Ministry Team)
  • Organising Toddlers group with some Christian links
  • Organise distribution of Free For All monthly group newsletter
  • Support Beccles Children’s’ home twice a year (Harvest and Christmas) – increased contact in recent years with inviting children from the home to special services and social events
  • Keep the church and churchyard in good repair
  • Open up the church to the community – open every day and make it available for Parish Council and other community meetings
What else is God wanting for us?

  • Increased awareness of needy in the parish and beyond parish boundaries- locally, nationally and internationally
  • Develop awareness of church activities across parish
  • Ease obstacles for people attending church

What can we do this year?

  • Improve experience when visitors come into church e.g make candles available, use notice boards for displays etc
  • Ensure web site is kept up to date with activities
  • Maintain contact with Beccles Children’s Home, further our contact with All Saints Centre and investigate support for an African project
  • Offer lifts to church
  • Every PCC agenda to include item to review special services

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