How do we enable the people of Christ to fulfil their part in Godís mission; teaching, baptising and nurturing believers?

What are the good things we are already doing?

  • Service every week with a variety of services, mixture of formal and informal formats, traditional and modern services caters for differing worship preferences
  • Two Eucharist services each month led in different ways . Members of congregation lead intercessions
  • Church has a homely, holy, peaceful atmosphere Ė church is open every day
  • Small central active group with a large fringe group who support the church
  • Taking active part in Group Lent events

What else is God wanting for us?

  • Widen and increase knowledge of the Bible
  • Review size of group meetings and discussions to remain parish focused

What can we do this year?

  • Meet to discuss and study Bible e.g. Lent Lunches
  • Ensure rest of congregation knows what PCC are planning/doing

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